My Projects

Here’s a glimpse at what I’m working on:

Novel: Untitled western-adventure (title to be announced upon completion of the first draft)

Current draft: 1st


A Rough Synopsis:

It is 1861. The Civil War has begun. Warfare is razing the American landscape from sea to shining sea. The soil for which the Founding Fathers fought is being poisoned by the blood of warring brothers. As uncertain days come and go, one thing becomes clear: there will be no quick resolution. The Civil War poses a particularly critical problem for the notorious 23-year-old outlaw known to the American public as Clarence Cash.

After years of struggling in the United States as an outcast shunned by society, Cash longs to return to his home across the ocean. But to his dismay, the raging war has immobilized ports that lay on the country’s eastern shore. The outlaw woefully determines that he has no choice but to move west in search of a smuggler who has the means to sail him across the Pacific.

This journey west proves no easy task, as Cash finds himself pursuing a smuggler who does not want to be found, running from an unlikely posse, and struggling with his role in the tragedy that branded him an outlaw. Armed with a handful of unconventional allies, a quick wit, and a pair of swords he has no idea how to use, will Clarence Cash ever see his home again?

Copyright 2017 J.J. Azar


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