A New Photography Blog Has Hit WordPress

Hello, all!

I wanted to let you know that my sister has begun her own blogging endeavor at https://nataliaspics.wordpress.com. Any who are interested in seeing her photography and art should give it a look! It’s only just launched, so there isn’t a ton of content to sift through quite yet, but at least two-months-worth has been planned and prepped thus far, with more being compiled every day! I encourage you to drop a like, a comment, or a follow if you dig what you see. I hope all is well.


10 thoughts on “A New Photography Blog Has Hit WordPress

    1. That’s super cool of you to do, Kim! Thank you! She’s got a ton of cool pics. I’ve even helped her to organize some of them. You’re in for a treat.

      I’m doing okay. Writing is something of a conundrum as of late. Stuck is a mild way of putting it. But there must be a way to deal with it, so I’m searching and trying best I can. Thank you for asking, it was super cool of you to say hello.

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      1. You are an awesome brother! I’m sorry you’re suffering from writer’s block. The only piece of advice I can give you is don’t try to force it. In my experience that only makes it worse.Have you read “On Writing”, by Stephen King? He has all sorts of great advice for writers, and if I remember correctly he addresses writer’s block.

        It was good to see you on here again. I’ve missed you.

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      2. Hi Kim! I’m just looking to help however I can.

        While in school, I made it a point to refrain from forcing anything. But when the days rolled into weeks, I felt there had to be movement, however forced. But I do understand, one must be in the proper mindset for there to be progress! I haven’t read “On Writing” yet. I intended to do so over the summer, but given the near-halt in progress, I’ve wanted to focus on the writing bit. Maybe it’s time to look there!

        I’ve certainly missed you and your blog as well, Kim. I hope all is well. Thanks again for checking out Tal’s blog! She told me that your comments made her feel good 🙂

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  1. Great of you to let us know of your sister’s blog. I like photos so I have followed Natalia to explore more of her work!
    Hope the writers block eases soon and you’ll be back in writing flow! All the best!

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