Farewell for Now

Right now, WordPress is not where I am supposed to be.

*where are you supposed to be, J.J.?!*

That’s the part I’m working on, disembodied voice.

When I first started this blog, I would spend my days drafting posts and exploring WordPress for cool blogs and bloggers and tracking stats and reading up on how I could bolster my content. I was invested day-to-day. That’s not where I am. The heart of this blog is my writing, and my writing is suffering. Why? I’m not too sure, but I aim to work on the writing. Otherwise, this blog is just talk, and that’s not what I want it to be. I want it to be a chronicle of action. Right now, the action is stagnant. I want to fix that, but I need to get other things in order first.

Thank you for your support. If I return, whenever that may be, I don’t expect any of you to tune in again. After all, you can only dip out so many times before your friends (even internet friends!) have had enough. Even still, if some of you do catch me again, I would hope that you say hello. It’s been a wonderful ride and I am well aware that I’m bumming some people out, but I can assure you that however bummed some may be, they’re not as bummed as I am about this situation.

I have a book to write.

Best regards,

J.J. Azar

20 thoughts on “Farewell for Now

  1. A.S. Akkalon

    You will be missed. All the best with your book, and I hope to see you back here when you’re just about to be published.


  2. I’m sorry to see you go, but you’re absolutely right! The book has to come first, and that’s a lesson you’re gonna need to execute on in the publishing world, so it’s good to get a head start on it now! Best of luck!


    1. I appreciate the wisdom, Aimee. I’m about 80 pages into the Wheel Mages and do intend to finish by summer’s end the very latest. I’ll be sure to send my impressions your way. So far I’m really enjoying it! A lot!


  3. Will defo miss you, but will defo be here whenever you decide to come back! I believe you’re making a good choice… if you want to succeed at writing then that’s where your attention should be at and I wish you all the best! 🙂


  4. Well good sir, you will certainly be missed. I have enjoyed every interaction. But I understand where you are coming from and support and respect that. With that being said, I shall be here should the day arise that you make a return. Sending all of the best to you!


  5. In the end, you must do what’s right for you. I’ve felt this coming for some time, although of course you will be missed. You were my first go-to. Whenever your name came up in my email, I was here (with the exception of a couple of post that I have to return to because my own life got out of hand).

    Will you be leaving up this blog and your articles?

    All the best writing. I look forward to seeing your book.

    Your fan always


    1. Eva, it’s been a real blast. This blogging experience was in part defined by your readership, comments, interactions, and posts. I appreciate all of the interest you’ve paid and all the time you’ve given to the content here.

      I will be leaving the address up, as I do intend to return at some point, if not for a long while, as a break is due.

      I too look forward to seeing my book. I just have to make it happen.

      All the best,

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  6. JJ,

    All in all, I think it’s a great decision. I believe writing should be first, blogging second. [It is for me, at any rate.]

    Just a word on blog I think it’s pretty darn good and you may want to “check in” from time to time and drop us about 100 words on progress on your novel. That can be done pretty painlessly and will keep people interested. Just a thought…

    Other than that, you can always find me on my blog and best of luck on your novel!

    See You Around,



    1. Darius, I appreciate your support. I’m glad you dig the blog. I will certainly leave it up, and perhaps drop some updates regarding writing and life. That’s a swell idea, Darius. Your stuff is consistently great and I wish you the best with blogging and beyond.

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