About JJ

J.J. Azar is currently embarking on a journey to fulfill an ambitious goal: The young lad wants to publish a book! He is intent on assuring that the novel is smashing, so many drafts and countless edits are in order. He is currently working on the novel’s first draft. This endeavor will prove no easy task, however, as Azar is pursuing the labor of writing while simultaneously working to meet the demands of a college education.

Azar’s untitled story-in-the-works is an unconventional western adventure. A working synopsis of his story can be found on the Projects page.

Azar occasionally writes in the third-person when referring to himself because he has noticed that it is fashionable to do so.

Some of Azar’s favorite things include:

  • His family
  • Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time book series
  • Inception (bwah!)
  • Dave Matthews Band
  • The James Bond franchise
  • Anthony Bourdain
  • Rich dialogue
  • Ribeye (cooked medium-rare, mind you!)

On his blog, Azar occasionally muses about writing, reading, storytelling, and his work.

As Azar braves the Road of Authorship, he hopes you tag along with him.

J.J. Azar currently lives in New Jersey with no wife, no pets, and no awards.

J.J. has (miraculously) received the following WordPress awards:

The One Lovely Blog Award (2) from The Comic Vault, the Orangutan Librarian

The Blogger Recognition Award from Eva Blaskovic

The Sunshine Blogger Award from Vinnieh

The Liebster Award from Mistakes and Adventures


11 thoughts on “About JJ

    1. Some day, if I do decide to get a pet, it’d be a Husky. That’s the closest I can come to having a wolf as a companion without the risk of dying.
      I appreciate your interest in the book! In time, I’ll have a finished product ready for publication. I’m going to keep on writing! Thanks for stopping by.

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