NEW BLOG ALERT! JJ Azar’s Food Blog, Azar Eats

Lovely ladies, classy gents, I have an announcement.

As I pursue my studies and my writing, I’ve launched another endeavor which I am super excited about. That is, AZAR EATS! I’ve started a food blog! I welcome you to check it out. I have some super cool posts lined up, and I’ve enjoyed flexing my writing muscles in new way! No dry reviews from me! Take a read and, if you really like it, feel free to follow/subscribe. I hope everything is going well!

As always,

Stay classy.

~JJ Azar

A New Photography Blog Has Hit WordPress

Hello, all!

I wanted to let you know that my sister has begun her own blogging endeavor at Any who are interested in seeing her photography and art should give it a look! It’s only just launched, so there isn’t a ton of content to sift through quite yet, but at least two-months-worth has been planned and prepped thus far, with more being compiled every day! I encourage you to drop a like, a comment, or a follow if you dig what you see. I hope all is well.