Question and Answer with J.J. Azar (#2)

Hello, lovely ladies and classy gents!

This is J.J. Azar serving you a hearty bowl of Q and A! Thanks once again for your questions and support. Here is the chowder which came of your efforts! Enjoy! (HD viewing is highly recommended).

As always, stay classy!

~J.J. Azar

10 thoughts on “Question and Answer with J.J. Azar (#2)

  1. Natalia

    J.J.! Loved this video and enjoyed it a lot. The editing and music was really well done as well.

    You answered my questions and I loved getting to learn more about you. Looking forward to more Q and A’s and followers to come! We love you and support you on your ride to authorship. Hope everything is going well and your book is coming along. I can’t wait have a copy of my own in my hands, and I look up to you a lot. Never give up, J.J., and keep at it!

    Apply this to yourself: “I don’t know how my story will end, but nowhere in my text will ever read…’I gave up.'”

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  2. A.S. Akkalon

    Awesome video. I admire your courage getting in front of the camera. The bubonic plague is my favourite plague too. 🙂


  3. Yay glad this is up!! You will definitely make it to 300 and many many more!! 😀 hahaha I’d love a book about Aunt Petunia. Hahaha yes, sometimes I feel like people just don’t know how pretty and fluffy and orange I am too 😉 hahahaha the bubonic plague was fun. George Carlin and Robin Williams were great!! (only problem is now I want to binge them) Ah I listen to songs on a loop for writing too- I’d definitely like to hear what you listen to. I’m the same about horror- it’s definitely not something I watch- I didn’t even get Cabin in the Woods cos I’m so unfamiliar with the genre. Voldemort’s a great answer and Inception is a frickin awesome movie!! Yeuch spam! I’d rather give that one to the zombies 😉 Loved this!


  4. I completely agree with Danielle- you are a class act! Great Q&A, quality video and plenty fun too while witnessing your handsomeness and wondering if any of the local TV channels still ran Judge Judy! 😀
    And always- all the best and good luck with your writing! 🙂


  5. Jazz

    Thanks, J.J for answering my questions! Great answers 🙂 You are a delight to watch and always bring joy to WordPress. Looking forward to 300…400…500……1000 followers, because I know you are capable of reaching that. I hope your book is coming along!


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