The Circumstances

The eleventh chapter of my novel-in-the-works is titled, “The Circumstances.” In the chapter, Clarence Cash awakes after a brush with death to find himself scatterbrained and days behind in his pursuit of a smuggler. Before he mounts his horse to continue his hunt, he evaluates his situation. He evaluates his circumstances. Much the same, I’m assessing my own.

I have not been a present blogger. Worse, I have not been a productive writer. About two months ago, I was both. I was highly interactive with all of you. I was up to date with my Reader. I was cranking out substantial posts two times a week. On the writing side, I was writing every day. I was moving with forward momentum nearly every day.

But the circumstances are different today. My course load this semester has proven far more intense than that of the first. Where I didn’t work a job during my first semester in the interest of advancing my writing (and I did!), I’ve since returned to work. Thus, my time for writing and blogging has been reduced. Not reduced to nothing, but reduced enough to make this post.

Many take breaks from WordPress because they’ve become tired or overworked or uninspired. The case is the opposite for me. I am bursting with energy and posts. I want to rock 120%. The trouble is, academics take precedent, and it’s crucial that I stay diligent for another month and a half.

I’m not putting a hold on blogging. Rather, I’m putting a hold on the promise of a post a week. I won’t have a posting schedule for two months, maximum. I hate to do things this way, but this is how I can best balance college with blogging/writing at this time. I will be around to catch some of your posts, but I can’t say I’m going to check my Reader every day, because I won’t. I hope y’all understand. It’s worth noting that there are a host of bloggers who have stopped by with blogs I want to read and follow and explore, and I intend to do so as soon as possible! After this period, I can assure you that I’ll devise a system so I can be more consistent when life moves faster. I’ll leave you with the final line from Chapter 11: The Circumstances.

“I hope you’re ready for an adventure, because I see adventure on the horizon.”

~J.J. Azar

36 thoughts on “The Circumstances

  1. If anyone understand, I most certainly do. I think we all do. Sometimes what we want and feel like doing is just not what life has lined up at the moment. I am certainly struggling with that fact. But patience is a virtue 😉 or so I am told. I will take your posts and presence in whatever frequency is allowed for at the moment and be thankful ☺

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  2. A.S. Akkalon

    Don’t feel bad about having to slow down on the blogging front. When you only have so much time you need to prioritise, and many things come before blogging. Focus on your studies while you need to, and when you have more time I’ll be here. 🙂

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    1. Vinnieh, if I blogged when I felt like it, I’d have the reverse problem! I’d be on here way more often! I just need to make sure school is sorted so I can get back to my routine. I’ll still be around to catch some movie reviews from time to time!

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  3. Bud, you take all the time you need for school/work/writing. We all have our priorities and I can’t see how anyone could scold you for putting academics/writing over blog-hopping and post-writing. Always appreciate that you even find any time whatsoever to drop by or to post something though. Take care and do what you gotta do! 😉

    – Lashaan

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  4. Everyone can understand your reasoning and I am happy to see you have your priorities in check! 🙂
    Jot down all those crazy/perfect/amazin blog ideas and when you have time again, return and blow our minds! 🙂

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  5. littlebookynook

    Totally understandable! Life gets super busy sometimes, especially if you are doing uni and work and writing a book. I just work full-time and find it hard enough to blog…I hardly even write because I am usually exhausted at the end of the day. Take all the time you need, we will still be here when you come back 🙂 P.S – I look forward to reading your book one day 🙂

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    1. Sometimes I have the time, but not the brainpower! Things will balance out soon, I think. I’m glad to hear you’ll still be here! And that is a spectacular thing to say, I do appreciate it 🙂

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  6. JJ, I think your priorities are right on. School and writing have to come first and second, blogging third. I wrestle with blogging versus writing, too. I always sacrifice blogging to writing, if forced to. Good luck. And we’ll see you a bit further down the road.

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  7. Don’t stress J.J. We all have peaks and valleys. Everything not writing is just something to take away from writing. But you have to live, and you have to fulfill obligations. It’s understandable. We’ll keep peeking by now and then to see what’s new though.

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    1. Sophie, it’s super cool of you to check in. Everything is wonderful, truly. Busy, challenging, but wonderful. I have 2 weeks left in the semester. Soon as I slay those, I’ll be back in business! I have so many posts I’d like to share with everyone and so much I’m dying to write, both for the blog and for my novel-in-the-works.

      I’m sorry I haven’t visited your blog in a while. Given the circumstances, I haven’t been able to make my rounds around WordPress. Once I come back, I’ll be sure to catch up on your quality content! Thanks again for checking in, it was super cool of you!

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  8. Hi, JJ. I hope your school “circumstances” are going well. You’re in the final sprint now, I assume, and I hope the oxygen debt isn’t too bad. I look forward to your return, more of your five senses posts, and reading more blogs in general. You are a great blogger and are truly missed.
    (P.S. I’m putting through a few writing songs this month. I’m curious what you’ll think of this one in particular: There’s a background writeup on it, if you like ancient history, hehe.)

    The A to Z Challenge was a blast. I took it on during the busiest month of the year because I’m stupid that way–hence two A to Z acrostic taxing tax time poems resulted for the sake of my sanity. I met some new bloggers. My official theme was Components of Literature, which included literary terms, devices, and things found in fiction, but I tried to pick out less common ones to make things more interesting. I even found some for X, Y, Z.

    In mid-April, one of our writing events got cancelled due to a snowstorm! Spring did not come to Alberta until the end of April/early May. I had to endure stories of sun, outdoor BBQs, and walks in the woods from family in Ontario. Our writing conference, a week later, was saved. On May 18, I’m at a writing retreat to work on my novels (finally!–have wanted this for years). I’ll be posting about it, pictures included.

    Take care and good luck with everything!

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    1. Eva,
      It’s crazy to me that a handful of bloggers have made an effort to check in. I truly appreciate it, and I especially appreciate you keeping me up to date with your blog and writing endeavors.
      As of now, it’s 1 final down, 3 to go. 1 week left! I cannot wait to get back to blogging. I feel horrible for having left for so long, but I figure things will re-adjust once I come back with 2 posts a week. I’m looking forward to following your music selection and reading your A-Z analysis. I have them queued up, but I want to indulge when I can take my time!
      I’m interested to hear about your writing retreat. That’ll be something new for me. Thanks again for checking in!

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