January Writing Update and My New Deadline

Hello, lovely ladies and classy gents!

At the end of December, I laid out a game plan after I failed to meet my self-imposed first-draft deadline. Since then, I’ve done my best to make the changes pinpointed in the post. Let’s see how I fared.

A Writing Environment. Done. Despite not raising enough money to build a writing barn, I’ve located two ideal writing spots in my home. Both are comfortable. Both have outlets within range. All is well. (Thank you to the anonymous donor who contributed 18 cents to my writing barn. Maybe next year).

A Set Writing Time. Done. I’ve determined that it would serve me best to write at night, after the day’s obligations have been fulfilled. Thus, I no longer open my writing document when I know I won’t be able to write anything. It sounds like common sense, but I was previously in a rut of clicking the doc, scrolling, and abandoning it because I didn’t have a window of time during which I could work on it. This makes the time when I do open the document more precious.

Exercise. Done. I’ve been going to the gym Monday through Thursday and working out at home over the weekends. I’m committed. It’s good stuff.

Focus on Demand. NOT done. Won’t be done. Impossible. Sounds too close to drugs. I don’t do drugs.

YouTube. Kind of done. I’ve chilled out with the YouTube. With everybody losing their minds over the state of politics here in the US, I’ve withdrawn for my own sanity, cutting down on YouTube significantly. So that’s good.

BioShock. Done. I haven’t touched the thing. I can’t wait to return to it though!

Snapchat. Highly controlled. It isn’t consuming as much of my time as it once was. Trust me, I’m good 🙂

Blogging (while writing)Highly controlled. Something’s clicked in my head and I’ve applied more focus into the novel-in-the-works when it comes time to write.

Not bad, eh? Now, about the writing…

The month of January thrust an array of new things into my lap virtually all at once: a challenging semester, a triumphant return to work, a classy lady, etc. With that, I’ve adopted a disciplined mindset to adjust to all of these things. It’s the writing I’m still trying to figure out. As it stands, I’m at a crucial moment in my novel. I’m about to introduce Carmengrove, a town which serves as a major setting in this story and will serve as a major setting in stories to come. I want to ensure that I understand the town’s workings and populace before I put a word to paper. I need Carmengrove to live and breathe. And so, every time I open up the document, I find myself taking notes and building up the setting. This preparation may be stalling the writing progress as it’s measured by page count, but it’s a necessary part of the process, so I’m entirely fine with it. That’s the deal with my writing. I’m sliding back into it, and I’m more excited than ever!

Finally, I’ve locked down the new deadline for the first draft of my novel-in-the-works. The date is…

Drum roll please!

JUNE 15, 2017.

It’s nowhere near as dynamic as the previous deadline of January 1st, 2017, but it’s my deadline! Why June 15th? Frankly, June 15th is one month after I finish my Spring semester of college. I don’t want to cram the deadline into the school year (because it worked so well last time 😉 ). I figure this date gives me plenty of time to finish up this first draft! I am being patient with myself, and I hope you’ll be patient with me.

That’s the January Writing Update for ya, folks! I hope the first month of the year treated you well.

Thank you for reading.

As always, stay classy.

~J.J. Azar

35 thoughts on “January Writing Update and My New Deadline

  1. A.S. Akkalon

    It sounds you’re making great progress at cutting out distractions and optimising your writing environment. I’m impressed – I hope it pays off for you. 🙂

    June 25 is a great deadline. Possibly the best deadline ever. 😉

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  2. I am deeply saddened to hear about the writing barn. Maybe next time huh? But on the plus side it looks like (forgoing drugs) you have managed to accomplish most of your initial goes 😉 But I have a feeling you are fibbing about SnapChat. It can never truly be contained.. just saying 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The key is sticking with the goals. Most aren’t one-and-done things I can check off a list. So long as I’m consistent, I’ll be in a fine spot 😀 I’ve never let school stop me from doing what I want to do. I’d go mad otherwise. And I’m glad Carmengrove resonates! I thought it had a ring too. Sounds like a nice place, right? hehehe….>:)

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  3. littlebookynook

    Hey you are doing well! The fact that you even set goals is impressive, I think I need to do this lol. And don’t worry about having to extend your deadline, these things happen and life tends to get in the way. Unless you do a Jack Torrence (the Shining) and go to a remote hotel and lock yourself away…don’t do that, because look what happened to him!

    On another note, do you mean the game BioShock? I always get excited when I see people have played it, because it’s my favourite game. Anyway, good job!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This goal thing is new for me. I’ve typically been one who conjures ridiculous New Years Resolutions because I can’t settle on an actual goal. But in the case of writing, I needed to make some changes, and it’s done me some good thus far.
      I do mean the game BioShock! I played it for the first time when the Ultimate Edition was released many months ago. I’m up to Infinite, probably about halfway through. The series is stellar. Quality games!

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    1. With the news “reporting” nonsense and everybody on Facebook filtering the nonsense through their own personal biases, the final product is an intolerable mess…You’re right, it’s infuriating.


  4. Too close to drugs hahahah Abort, I say! Everything you’ve set for yourself so far are pretty reasonable. Hopefully there isn’t anymore obstacles that will push this further away (unless it will be beneficial for you and your story)! By the way, maybe that 18 cents was a coded message. Some kind of geographic coordinate. You should dig into that. Your barn might be waiting for you. Stephen King would be proud. 😀

    – Lashaan

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  5. I think your pause to focus on town development shows maturity. You care more about quality than rushing, which would only cause inconsistencies and plot holes anyway. Having a high word or page count after a long day’s work is incredibly satisfying, but it would be impossible without proper preparation. Without that preparation those words and pages can easily end up in the delete pile, full of rabbit trails and rambling.

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    1. You’re 100% right! I remember you writing a post a while back about how you hit a phase where you were thinking about your writing even when you weren’t writing, and how exciting that was. The phase I’m in is the exact opposite of that. The creativity isn’t bursting out of me. Instead, I’m having to sit down and cultivate substance. I’ve been where you were at the time of writing that post, but this simply isn’t it. As you said, it’s okay! Thanks for your insights, RQ!

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