J.J. Azar is Back with a Vengeance

LOVELY ladies, CLASSY gents, HELLO!

As some have noticed, I’ve been gone for a while.

“Why did you leave us, J.J?”

Fear not, disembodied voice! I will tell you. There have been some new developments in the unusual and often moist thing that is my life. For starters, I’ve begun a new semester of college. My new class schedule paired with my newfound workout plan have launched me into an exploratory phase where I’ve been figuring out how I can best fall back into the writing process (I’ve been going to the gym, as I said I would in my Missed Deadline post. So sore, so worth it).

To lighten my workload, I spent the weekend getting ahead in a couple of classes with the sole purpose of freeing up writing time. I return to the novel-in-the-works tonight! Additionally, I’m back in the working world! I’m enjoying the time I’m spending helping out the family business and earning some $$. I’m also seeing a lovely lady who is classy enough to satisfy even the highest of standards we hold over here. All-in-all, all is well! I’ve just taken a week to prepare myself for writing, is all. I’ve made a fair effort to keep up with my WordPress Reader, but if you think I’ve missed a post of yours that you think I’d enjoy, please do share a link in the comments!

With that, I will be making a change to the blog. In the interest of focusing on my novel-in-the-works, I will be posting a minimum of once a week as opposed to twice. I may accumulate views and followers more slowly by posting once a week, but a) I’m here to interact with y’all, not track statistics! b) the novel takes priority until I complete its first draft, as I’m sure you understand. As promised, I will provide you with my new first-draft deadline by the end of the month.

What’s nice about this is I can put more effort into each post and spend more time reading your posts. Some posts to look out for in the coming weeks include:

  • On Trusting the Reader
  • Writers, What’s Your Style?
  • Writing the Five Senses
  • You Want to Write? Write!
  • One Lovely Blog Award Reception

Thank you for your continued support. I don’t intend to take another leave of absence this long (12 days!) without informing you first.

As always, stay classy.

~J.J. Azar

39 thoughts on “J.J. Azar is Back with a Vengeance

  1. Great to have you back! It sounds like you’re making good progress on your draft, which is awesome. Juggling study, work, writing, and a classy lady is a lot of balls to keep in the air. 🙂

    That sounds like an interesting string of posts you have coming up. I look forward to reading them!

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    1. That disembodied voice is a sneaky one. Don’t listen to it! 😉 I’m glad you like what I have planned. The changes made to the posting schedule are minor, but as you said, quality over quantity! Glad to be getting back into the rhythm of things.

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  2. Quintessential Editor

    Working out always has a tremendous impact on my writing. Hopefully this works for you as well. Congrats on finding a classy lady! Having a special someone in your life will likely imbue your fingers with creative lightning. Just try not to burn down the house.

    The new blogging schedule looks doable. I’ll keep my peepers open for your posts.

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    1. I’m already noticing a difference with the working out. I’m sticking with it!
      As for the classy lady, I will most certainly make every effort to avoid burning down the house (unless it’s a good kind of burning down the house). Thank you for stopping by! 😀


  3. Glad to have you back J.J! Balance is key. Looks like life is looking up for you in a lot of respects. So just enjoy the good times, man. We’ll all be here for you whenever you post. Crank out that draft and have some fun. I’ll be watching.

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  4. It’s really important to not let your blog add stress to your life, especially with everything you’ve already got going on. Kudos for recognizing that it’s about content, and not about stats. 🙂

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  5. Not gonna lie, when I see a post already has loads of likes and comments, it makes me less likely to “like” it and comment on it myself. I’m weird that way. But I do want to say, I’m excited about your post about “Writing the Five Senses!” That sounds fun! So far I’ve only made an effort to focus on hearing, smelling, and tasting, because touch can get weird unless you’re describing fabric or weather on skin. I’m still not very good at describing more than sight though.
    I disappear from wordpress and social media all the time. I think it’s a writer’s prerogative 😀 especially when you’re busy doing so much else!

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    1. I’m with you about neglecting to interact with posts which have already received a fair amount of attention, especially those where the author doesn’t ever respond to a single comment *grrr.* But I appreciate you stopping by nonetheless! However many people chime in, each is important to me.

      The senses post is shaping up to be pretty wicked. I’m excited to share it. Writing touch is more difficult for me as well, though I find that I remedy that by incorporating descriptions of temperature often. There’s still much work to be done.

      There’s certainly nothing wrong with disappearing for a bit, but I’d like to keep everyone informed. As always, thanks for stopping by! 😀

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      1. On touch- I always stick with temperature and body things as well, like a girl’s loose hair tickling her neck, cold wind chilling skin, etc. Maybe we only THINK we are terrible at including it, haha. I just read a book where the MC could smell and taste a person’s unique magic. One person’s magic smelled of cigarette smoke and tasted of whiskey, another’s was chocolate and a forest breeze. It was fascinating but also a little weird, lol. I think certain senses don’t need to be overdone.

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      2. Exactly, maybe we’re not giving ourselves enough credit! 😀 Perrin from the Wheel of Time series smells others’ emotions. It’s odd but provides for an interesting way of telling a story.

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      3. I honestly don’t know if I’ve read the first book of that before. I feel like I did, in school, and loved it. But I can’t remember! I keep hearing about it though. I need to bite the bullet and read the series I think.

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