I Am Writing

The following is what I expect my WordPress experience to be every time I post something.

*walks on stage to a silent crowd*



To my surprise, my expectations have been wildly exceeded. Thanks for that.

Since day one, I’ve made a conscious effort to keep from putting out any “throw away” posts. I understand the utility of such posts, but I’ve elected to keep things real so that when you lovely ladies and classy gents click on a post of mine, you can always expect something substantial (The Jesting Parables have not quite met my standard of substance, but they are remnants of me attempting to find my footing blog-wise. You won’t catch me posting another).

With that, I figure it’s perfectly fair to say I’m holding off on sharing another planned post in the interest of working on my novel. Given that this is my blog, everything is fair by definition, but you know how I feel about technicality (see last week’s hummus analogy in my post about Violence) [<—probably the last time I will ever use those words in that order].

My point is I’m writing. I’m writing hard. I wrote 5 hours on a plane yesterday. If I could have, I would have written 5 hours on a train too, and 5 hours more in Spain, and 5 more in the rain, and 5 more still in a crane (the construction device, not the bird. That would be weird). I’m enjoying myself immensely. It’s challenging, but it’s a joy. With the holidays here, I figure y’all are busy regardless. I’ll spare you a cerebral post and leave it at that: I am writing.

As always, stay classy.

~J.J. Azar

(‘featured image’ Magnificent Seven art by Renato Casaro)

37 thoughts on “I Am Writing

  1. One technique I’ve found helpful has been to write posts ahead, so that I can schedule a batch of 10 or more, and spread them equally across a span of weeks. Then, if my schedule changes, I have room to gradually adjust my posting schedule, while still maintaining a relative pattern/routine.

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    1. That’s a great technique!

      I’ll occasionally draft a couple of posts to be shared at a later time, but I usually work on posts within the week they are posted. When I do have time to write up a few in advance, I typically choose to allocate that time to my novel-in-the-works instead. The occasional time-crunch keeps me diligent! Your way is efficient though, no doubt!

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      1. Though I still need to adjust. For a time I wanted to post 1 of each, writing and review, each week, but starting in the spring I’ll have to alternate. It’s just not sustainable with my work schedule.

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      2. I agree, though at the moment it’s more just “finding time” to write and blog, after taking care of everything that must be done. I would love to spend more time on this, if not for that pesky day job. 😛

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    1. Thank you! The lady sitting behind me on the plane spent the duration of the six hour flight attempting to quiet her crying child by telling knock-knock jokes, so I was compelled to tune that mess out and write for a majority of the flight. Thank you, knock-knock joke lady.

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  2. hahaha shame you couldn’t be “writing on the train/rain/Spain lol! I get that- this is your blog and you should do what makes you happy!! And if you’re writing, definitely keep at it! We all need time to shut ourselves away and just write!! Keep going!!

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  3. Writing is the trick JJ. Ours isn’t a craft of immediate payout or instant gratification. If only I were a lawnmower. Every day I could tell what I’ve accomplished just by looking at the height of the grass. Instead, we’re creatures of effort. It’s on us to keep working, and it will be a long road for us. Keep walking that road. Don’t look back until you’re content. When that happens, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come.

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    1. If only we were lawnmowers…I like that analogy a lot. If we want results, we’ll have to write, and although the progress may not be clear by the end of every day’s work, it will be eventually. Thank you for the wise words. I appreciate you stopping by.

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    1. I’m hardly qualified in that I’m early in the novel-writing process and there are seasoned, articulate writers out there, some of whom who are even in the WordPress community, but I can offer a few words.

      There are tons of people who have strong ideas for stories. Lots of people aspire to be published. A fraction of those people put proper effort into seizing the inspiration making it happen. If you decide to write a book, don’t approach it lightly. Focus your energy and time, prepare yourself however you feel is best, and then start writing. Start writing and don’t stop. Write all the time. Write when you don’t want to write. You’ll have to make sacrifices (I wrote about this in my post ‘5 Reasons While Creating While Consuming is Dangerous.’) https://jjazar.wordpress.com/2016/11/04/for-writers-5-reasons-why-consuming-while-creating-is-dangerous/
      That’s the first thing: write.

      Second thing: Don’t go back. When you’re writing chapter 2, you’ll be inspired to build upon chapter 1. Don’t do it. That’ll throw you into a neverending loop of writing and revising. Note your ideas somewhere else for the later drafts and keep on, else you’ll never finish. This is a piece of advice that was given to me when I started writing my novel and it’s proven valuable.

      Finally, I received a great bit of advice in person just today from a published author. He said, “Content before mechanics.” I wholeheartedly agree, especially during the first draft stage. Get your ideas down so you can play with them and otherwise modify them. Don’t worry about the mechanics side. Once you start worrying about that, you tread the line of worrying about a reader and what the masses may expect. Your novel has to be yours, else the whole thing is pointless.

      I’ll probably write up a post some time soon about advice I’ve proven helpful. Until then, this is a look at what comes to mind! Best of luck with your potential book endeavors!

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