Explosion of Soul with a Title

Happy Friday, lovely ladies and classy gents! I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I personally broke my pants, so my holiday was a success (I go hard). If you didn’t catch the post on my Facebook page, know that I am incredibly thankful for you. Whether you’re a follower, a frequent reader, or somebody just stopping by, I am grateful for your support. Y’all are the best!

I wrote something up that I suppose could be considered poetry. I don’t know, really. I typically deal in prose. Whatever it may be, here it is. If you have any thoughts about the piece, please share them! I do the macarena every time I get a comment.


Quill in hand.

Paper on desk.

Empty room.

All quiet save for a ticking clock.

I turn the nib of the quill to my chest.

I eye the thing, the sword, knowing where it must go.

I plunge the thing into my sternum.

The incision is but an avenue. Now for the surgical slice.

I drag the nib from left to write, tearing at tendons, opening my chest enough

That I may reach inside and retrieve my heart.

I seize the throbbing organ and hold it over the page on the desk before me.

I squeeze

That its tales and fancies may gush onto the page.

I squeeze

Until the blank sheet is stained red with blood and soaked wet with tears indicative of joys and sorrows.

Now quill is in hand, nib is on paper.

With an emboldened hand I trace words into the human substance drenching the page before me

And spilling out over my desk.

There is no trick, here.

There is only explosion of soul, here.

An explosion of soul with a title.


Today, millions will be assaulting the malls and department stores in droves like walkers from the Walking Dead. I’ll leave you with some food for thought: Isn’t it interesting how Black Friday comes directly after the day when we celebrate what we have?

~J.J. Azar

17 thoughts on “Explosion of Soul with a Title

  1. Yes, the timing of Black Friday IS ironic! Beyond being annoyed by how often we’re assaulted with the words BLACK FRIDAY in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, I’d never given much thought to the irony of the most materialistic day of the year falling the day after we give thanks for everything important in our lives.

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    1. I’m glad I gave you something to think about. “BLACK FRIDAY” is a horrible phrase, really, but it’s befitting of the occasion. I’ve never been a huge shopper myself in terms of frequenting the mall for new clothes, new gear, etc, mainly because I just can’t be bothered to jump on the opportunity to buy EVERYTHING that’s new or in. That being said, I understand why people take advantage of the deals offered this time of year, but doing so in a manic or even dangerous manner is just…sad. Wrong, even. Indeed, Black Friday is the most materialistic day of the year. Don’t get me started on those Christmas car commercials though…
      Thank you so much for stopping by and deciding to stick around!

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  2. Well-written and very visual. And I totally agree. It is quite ironic. Maybe Thanksgiving made a lot of people realize that they actually didn’t have everything they really wanted? :O :O No, no. That can’t be. It would only emphasis the materialistic world we live in. 😛

    – Lashaan

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    1. Thank you for the kind words, Lashaan.
      *sarcasm switched on* Black Friday couldn’t possibly be strategically placed after Thanksgiving. It must be coincidence! *sarcasm switched off* Thank you for stopping by! 😀

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    1. 😀 Thank you so much! I was hoping to paint a vivid picture. Thanksgiving is a fine holiday, but let’s be honest: turkey doesn’t compare to a properly-prepared chicken. You aren’t missing much! I’m sure Australia has plenty of cool holiday we miss out on here in the States. Thank you for stopping by!


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