Mom, Thanks for Teaching Me How to Read

When I was a wee lad, I enjoyed writing stories as much as I enjoyed letting Elmer’s glue dry on my hands just so I could pick it off. In other words, I enjoyed writing stories quite a bit. Perhaps it was my mother who spurred my interest in writing. After all, it was she who taught me how to read and write. That’s right, folks: I never went to preschool, which probably explains why I am illiterate in colors.

The primary colors? Psh, I could name the 50 states and probably the provinces of Canada by sheer guess before I could ever provide you the names of the three primary colors. Did you know that scientists and artists have different primary colors?! How can I possibly keep up with that nonsense?!

Is it navy, or is it blue? You might as well ask me the difference between a hawk and an eagle.

What color do you get when you mix yellow and green? I don’t even know if that’ll make another color!

*end tragic rant*

Yes, it was very likely my mother’s diligent instruction which oriented for writing. She opted to keep me out of preschool because she wanted to spend time with me and teach me one-on-one. My mother singlehandedly taught me how to read by using Disney’s Golden Books and Disney’s infamous-in-my-household Elegant Book of Manners. My dad probably read to me once or twice but my mom deserves the credit. Sorry, Dad, this post isn’t about you. I can credit you for teaching me how to swim, though!

Thanks to my dad, I was comfortable in the pool before I turned 2 years old! Apparently I was a wickedly talented child *read as John Travolta.*

Starting with letters and escalating to sentences, my mother conditioned me to be a reading machine. I mean she literally conditioned me. Every day after Blue’s Clues, we would read and write. If that isn’t conditioning, I don’t know what is.

I am glad my mother took it upon herself to instill upon me the imperative skill of literacy, but the thought of her taking on that mighty task terrifies me when I reflect upon it. In fact, I often stir in the night and wake up in cold sweats, wondering…What if she messed up? What if she accidentally shuffled a couple of letter-flashcards when she drilled me on the alphabet? What if she didn’t properly correct my misprinted ‘k’s? Gosh, if that were the case, I’d be writing like an oaf!

But at this point, unless my mom paid off all of my teachers from 1st grade on in the interest of allowing my writing mistakes to go unmarked, I think I have a solid grasp of the English language. My grammars is very good, thankfully.

The point is this: I am grateful for my mother. Even though English isn’t her first language, she still managed to teach me how to read and write. Simply put, that’s badass (she hates when I use the word so here I am, using the word).

Thanks, Mom. You’re the best preschool teacher I ever had (but I still don’t understand colors).


To those reading, I’d like to know: for what do you owe thanks to your mother? Share the love in a comment.

As always, stay classy.

~J.J. Azar

17 thoughts on “Mom, Thanks for Teaching Me How to Read

  1. Grace

    I owe thanks to my mommy for taking care of my girls while Sam and I go to work. It’s not easy leaving your kids but knowing they’re in her care makes it that much easier. Thanking God everyday for my angel on earth

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    1. We remember the building blocks most fondly, don’t we? It’s amazing how much value we put into letters and colors and the basic things. What we do with them is entirely our own, but the basics are passed down fondly from a teacher. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Just that one Girl

    I had the same experience except that it was with my father not mother. I was homeschool for a lot of my life so learned to read at home as well. I remember my father would come home every night after work and he would teach me from a book “101 stories” (or something like that). He would make me read a page and then he would read one. I loved that and now when I’m tutoring younger kids just learning to read I do so as well. Lovely write, enjoyed reading it. Loved the way you wrote about it, made me smile!

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    1. That is so nice to hear. I’m glad you got a smile out of it. 😀
      Parents are the best. They make great sacrifices for us. The best we can do is recognize the sacrifices and make the best of what they have taught us! The fact that you’re passing down that spirit is commendable.

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  3. Rania Afram

    I love this! So sweet! I am so blessed and thankful for having such an amazing and selfless mother who always puts the needs of her children and grandchildren before her own. She sacrificed so much to bring us to the states so we can have a better life and education – which she never had. She is the epitome of pure love and greatness. She is an inspiration to me every day.

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    1. Moms can never catch a break! Once they’ve finishing raising their kids, their kids make more trouble for them and start having their own kids! 😀 Thank you for sharing, Rania.


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  5. Like you, my mum taught me to read. She also instilled in me a sense of conscience and to treat others how I’d like to be treated. Actually it was both my mum and dad who did these things, they are the best.

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