J.J.’s Jesting Parables #1: Parable of the Rabbit

Hello, lovely ladies and classy gents! Here is the first piece in a series of jesting parables penned by yours truly.

These are intended to be the bouncing pectoral muscles of the Herculean body that is this blog. In other words, they’re all in good fun. I guarantee that the parables will yank out an eye-roll, a chuckle, or a grunt. At least one of those. So enjoy! And if you have a thought you’d like to share, drop a comment below! I promise to say hello right back.

Hops: Parable of the Rabbit

The rabbit hopped from the field to the street, where the men lived.

A man on the street noticed the rabbit hopping along and said, “You got hops, little man!”

The rabbit looked to the man and muttered, “Thanks.”

Then he hopped back to his field, ears drooping.

The next day, the rabbit returned to the man and asked, “You got hops, boss?”

The rabbit drank until he puked.

credit: Tom Smith

J.J. Azar

8 thoughts on “J.J.’s Jesting Parables #1: Parable of the Rabbit

    1. Perhaps there is a deeper, philosophical message embedded between the lines regarding the truth of being versus existing? Nah, just a cheeky play on words. Thanks for reading, Terry!


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